A simple external resistance heating diamond anvil cell and its application for synchrotron radiation x-ray diffraction

Dawei Fan; Wenge Zhou; Shuyi Wei; Yonggang Liu; Maining Ma; Hongsen Xie
May 2010
Review of Scientific Instruments;May2010, Vol. 81 Issue 5, p053903
Academic Journal
A simple external heating assemblage allowing diamond anvil cell experiments at pressures up to 34 GPa and temperatures up to 653 K was constructed. This cell can be connected to the synchrotron radiation conveniently. The design and construction of this cell are fully described, as well as its applications for x-ray diffraction. Heating is carried out by using an external-heating system, which is made of NiCr resistance wire, and the temperature was measured by a NiCr–NiSi or PtRh–Pt thermocouple. We showed the performance of the new system by introducing the phase transition study of cinnabar (α-HgS) and thermal equation of state study of almandine at high pressure and temperature with this cell.


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