Crystallization and high temperature shape memory behavior of sputter-deposited NiMnCoIn thin films

Rios, S.; Karaman, I.; Zhang, X.
April 2010
Applied Physics Letters;4/26/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 17, p173102
Academic Journal
Amorphous Ni50Mn38Co6In6 films of 20 μm in thickness are fabricated using dc magnetron sputtering technique. Ex situ annealing studies demonstrate the crystallization at elevated temperature, and the retention of L10 martensite at room temperature. In situ annealing inside a transmission electron microscope reveals the crystallization process as well as the transformation to B2 austenite at elevated temperatures. Differential scanning calorimetry studies show the crystallization activation energy of ∼239 kJ/mol, a reversible martensitic phase transformation temperature of ∼350 °C, and a hysteresis of ∼75 °C.


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