A magnetoelectric memory cell with coercivity state as writing data bit

Zheng Li; Jing Wang; Yuanhua Lin; Nan, C. W.
April 2010
Applied Physics Letters;4/19/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 16, p162505
Academic Journal
Commercial magnetic recording media employ magnetic-field-induced two different magnetization states ±M to write data. In this paper, we present a magnetic memory cell in which electric-field-induced two different coercive-field Hc states (i.e., low-Hc and high-Hc) rather than ±M are served as writing data bits. A multiferroic magnetoelectric bilayer with Fe0.93Ge0.07 film grown on fully poled ferroelectric BiScO3-PbTiO3 substrate, exhibiting a large electric-field modulation of Hc, is used for illustration of such a prototype electric-write/magnetic-read memory cell which is nonvolatile. The reading process of the different coercive-field Hc information written by electric fields is demonstrated by using magnetoresistance read head.


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