Magnetoimpedance and magnetodielectric properties of single phase 45PMN-20PFW-35PT ceramics

Ramachandran, B.; Sudarshan, N.; Rao, M. S. Ramachandra
May 2010
Journal of Applied Physics;May2010, Vol. 107 Issue 9, p09C503-1
Academic Journal
Phase pure and dense polycrystalline 45PMN-20PFW-35PT sample has been synthesized using a columbite precursor method. Structure and surface morphology of the samples were studied using x-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscope. The sample showed the expected reduction in dielectric constant and polarization (Pmax=17 μC/cm2) compared with that of the parent compound, 65PMN-35PT (Pmax=22 μC/cm2). The sample is also found to be paramagnetic, which is confirmed by magnetization measurements as a function of temperature and an applied magnetic field. The sample was also tested for magnetoelectric coupling by measuring its dielectric constant and impedance at different applied magnetic fields. The observed colossal negative magnetodielectrics (177%) and colossal positive magnetoimpedance (130%) effect at 7 MHz, which is due to piezoelectric radial vibration. This is an indirect confirmation of the coupling between the electric and magnetic order parameters.


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