Analysis of periodic dislocation networks using x-ray diffraction and extended finite element modeling

Wintersberger, E.; Hrauda, N.; Kriegner, D.; Keplinger, M.; Springholz, G.; Stangl, J.; Bauer, G.; Oswald, J.; Belytschko, T.; Deiter, C.; Bertram, F.; Seeck, O. H.
March 2010
Applied Physics Letters;3/29/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 13, p131905
Academic Journal
We combine the extended finite element method with simulations of diffracted x-ray intensities to investigate the diffusely scattered intensity due to dislocations. As a model system a thin PbSe epitaxial layer grown on top of a PbTe buffer on a CdTe substrate was chosen. The PbSe film shows a periodic dislocation network where the dislocations run along the orthogonal <110> directions. The array of dislocations within this layer can be described by a short range order model with a narrow distribution.


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