Study of electric characteristics and diffusion effects of 2-methyl-9,10-di(2-naphthyl)anthracene doped with cesium fluoride by admittance spectroscopy

Ming-Ta Hsieh; Meng-Huan Ho; Kuan-Heng Lin; Jenn-Fang Chen; Teng-Ming Chen; Chin H. Chen
March 2010
Applied Physics Letters;3/29/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 13, p133310
Academic Journal
In this work, the admittance spectroscopy studies show that doping cesium fluoride (CsF) into 2-methyl-9,10-di(2-naphthyl)anthracene (MADN) can greatly decrease the resistance of MADN and raises the Fermi level from deep level to only 0.1 eV below the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital, resulting in enhancing the electron injection. In addition, the diffusion width of CsF from doped MADN layer into tris(8-quinolinolato)aluminium is clearly observed by capacitance-frequency measurement and is about 9.4 nm. Moreover, the diffusion width is significant to be affected by external thermal.


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