On "GSI Oscillations" as Interference of Two Closely Spaced Ground Mass Eigenstates of H-Like Mother Ions

Faber, M.; Ivanov, A. N.; Kienle, P.; Kryshen, E. L.; Pitschmann, M.; Troitskaya, N. I.
January 2009
Physics Research International;2009, p1
Academic Journal
We analyse the hypothesis that the "GSI oscillations" of the K-shell electron capture decay (EC) rates of the H-like heavy ions are caused by quantum beats from a coherent state of two closely spaced ground mass-eigenstates ∣m′⟩ and ∣m″⟩ of decaying H-like heavy ions. We apply this mechanism to the calculation of the β+-decay rates of the H-like heavy ions and discuss the dynamics of the production of the H-like heavy ions with two closely spaced ground mass-eigenstates at GSI experiments. We show that such a mechanism cannot describe simultaneously the experimental data on both the EC-decay and β+-decay rates of the H-like heavy ions, measured at GSI.


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