High-gain integrated inverters based on ZnO metal-semiconductor field-effect transistor technology

Frenzel, H.; Schein, F.; Lajn, A.; von Wenckstern, H.; Grundmann, M.
March 2010
Applied Physics Letters;3/15/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 11, p113502
Academic Journal
We report on the design and fabrication of ZnO-based integrated inverters consisting of normally-on metal-semiconductor field-effect transistors and AgxO Schottky diodes as level shifters. The inverters show high gain values up to 197 at 3 V operating voltage and low uncertainty levels in the range of 0.13 V. The influence of the level shifter and the channel material/thickness on the performance of the inverters has been investigated. Using Zn0.997Mg0.003O for the channel thin film leads to high reproducibility (90%) of the devices. A logic NOR-gate has been implemented showing the possibility to fabricate a complete logic.


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