Comparing magnetotransport and surface magnetic properties of half-metallic CrO2 films grown by low pressure and atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition

Pathak, M.; Zhong, X.; Wang, J.; Zhang, X.; Klein, T. M.; LeClair, P.; Gupta, A.
March 2010
Applied Physics Letters;3/15/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 11, p112507
Academic Journal
CrO2 films prepared by low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) using Cr(CO)6 precursor have been investigated and compared with epitaxial half metallic CrO2 films prepared at atmospheric pressure (APCVD) using CrO3 precursor for their magnetotransport and surface magnetic properties. LPCVD films showed higher resistivity than APCVD epitaxial (100) CrO2 films prepared on (100) TiO2 substrates. Magnetoresistance of LPCVD films is comparable to that of APCVD films. X-ray magnetic circular dichroism suggests a reduced surface magnetic moment for LPCVD films. This reduced magnetic moment is attributed to antiferromagnetic alignment of the uncompensated Cr spins in the Cr2O3 surface layer.


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