Epitaxial growth of Pr[sub 2]O[sub 3] on Si(111) and the observation of a hexagonal to cubic phase transition during postgrowth N[sub 2] annealing

Liu, J. P.; Zaumseil, P.; Bugiel, E.; Osten, H. J.
July 2001
Applied Physics Letters;7/30/2001, Vol. 79 Issue 5
Academic Journal
We demonstrate the epitaxial growth of hexagonal Pr[sub 2]O[sub 3](001) on Si(111), with x-ray ω-scan full width at half maximum values as low as 0.06°, which is comparable with Si substrates. We find that a phase transition takes place during the anneal of the as-grown films in N[sub 2] below the growth temperature. The annealed films display a cubic structure isomorphic to manganese oxide, (111) oriented but 180° rotated about the Si(111) surface normal. The phase transition can be due to nitrogen incorporation. © 2001 American Institute of Physics.


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