Characterization of 1 MW, 40 keV, 1 s neutral beam for plasma heating

Sorokin, A.; Belov, V.; Davydenko, V.; Deichuli, P.; Ivanov, A.; Podyminogin, A.; Shikhovtsev, I.; Shulzhenko, G.; Stupishin, N.; Tiunov, M.
February 2010
Review of Scientific Instruments;Feb2010, Vol. 81 Issue 2, p02B108
Academic Journal
Neutral beam with geometrical focusing for plasma heating in moderate-size plasma devices has been developed in Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk. When operated with hydrogen, the neutral beam power is 1 MW, pulse duration is 1 s, beam energy is 40 keV, and angular divergence is 1.2°. Initial ion beam is extracted and accelerated by triode multiapertures ion-optical system. To produce 1 MW neutral beam, about 40 A proton current is extracted with nominal current density of 320 mA/cm2. Ion-optical system has 200 mm diameter grids with 44% transparency. The grids have inertia cooling and heat is removed between the pulses by water flowing in channels placed on periphery of the grids. A plasma emitter for ion extraction is produced by rf-plasma box. Ion species mix of rf plasma source amounts to 70%, 20%, and 10% of H+, H2+, and H3+ ions, respectively, by current. Heavy impurities contribute less than 0.3%.


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