Scalable growth of free-standing graphene wafers with copper(Cu) catalyst on SiO2/Si substrate: Thermal conductivity of the wafers

Yun-Hi Lee; Jong-Hee Lee
February 2010
Applied Physics Letters;Feb2010, Vol. 96 Issue 8, p083101
Academic Journal
The authors report scalable growth of free-standing graphene wafers with copper(Cu) catalyst on SiO2/Si substrate at low temperature and investigation of their thermal conductivity. The Cu is the most common and the cheapest catalyst among electronic materials. Our process for producing the graphene with the Cu is based on a low-pressure, fast-heating chemical vapor deposition method. Thermal conductivity measurements with nondestructive Raman spectroscopy showed that the free-standing-graphene is a good thermal conductor. The possibility of growing graphene wafer at low temperatures by using a Cu thin film should accelerate research and facilitate the development of graphene for practical applications


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