Colossal magnetoresistance in doped manganites: A consequence of percolation and phase separation

Pradhan, A. K.; Feng, Y.; Roul, B. K.; Sahu, D. R.
July 2001
Applied Physics Letters;7/23/2001, Vol. 79 Issue 4
Academic Journal
We report measurements of the resistivity and magnetization of high-quality melt-processed La[sub 0.67]Ca[sub 0.33]MnO[sub 3] (LCM) and Sr-doped LCM materials that exhibit a sharp and enhanced metal–insulator transition (T[sub MI]) with significant colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) and two competing magnetic phases in the vicinity of T[sub MI]. Our results can well be explained using percolation in combination with the phase-separation scenario proposed for CMR. We propose that the spin polarization through grain boundaries and the enhanced grain connectivity between the ferromagnetic domains facilitate better percolation through a junction and filament-like resistor network. © 2001 American Institute of Physics.


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