Effects of additional Ce3+ doping on the luminescence of Li2SrSiO4:Eu2+ yellow phosphor

Tae-Gon Kim; Hyo-Sug Lee; Chun Che Lin; Taehyung Kim; Ru-Shi Liu; Ting-Shan Chan; Seoung-Jae Im
February 2010
Applied Physics Letters;2/8/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 6, p061904
Academic Journal
Additional Ce3+ doping improves the luminescence of Li2SrSiO4:Eu2+, a yellow phosphor for ultraviolet or blue light-emitting diodes. By examining the photoluminescence of Li2SrSiO4:Eu2+, Li2SrSiO4:Ce3+, and Li2SrSiO4:Ce3+,Eu2+, it was confirmed that the energy transfer from Ce3+ to Eu2+ ions contributes little to the enhanced luminescence of Li2SrSiO4:Ce3+,Eu2+. Alternatively, we suggested that Ce3+ ions could stabilize the Li vacancies, inhibit the oxidization of Eu2+ to Eu3+, and consequently increase emission intensity, based on the characterizations with decay time and synchrotron light source x-ray absorption measurements. The proposed argument was validated with first principle calculations of the defect formation energies.


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