A method of particle transport study using supersonic molecular beam injection and microwave reflectometry on HL-2A tokamak

Xiao, W. W.; Zou, X. L.; Ding, X. T.; Dong, J. Q.; Yao, L. H.; Song, S. D.; Liu, Z. T.; Gao, Y. D.; Feng, B. B.; Song, X. M.; Yang, Q. W.; Yan, L. W.; Yi Liu; Duan, X. R.; Pan, C. H.; Yong Liu
January 2010
Review of Scientific Instruments;Jan2010, Vol. 81 Issue 1, p013506
Academic Journal
A method of the particle transport study using supersonic molecular beam injection (SMBI) and microwave reflectometry is reported in this paper. Experimental results confirm that pulsed SMBI is a good perturbation source with deeper penetration and better localization than the standard gas puffing. The local density modulation is induced using the pulsed SMBI and the perturbation density is measured by the microwave reflectometry. Using Fourier transform analysis for the local density perturbation, radial profiles of the amplitude and phase of the density modulation can be obtained. The experimental results in HL-2A show that the particle injected by SMBI is located at about r/a=0.65–0.75. The position of the main particle source can be determined through three aspects: the minimum of the phase of the first harmonic of the Fourier transform of the modulated density measured by microwave reflectometry; the Ha intensity profile and the local density increase ratio. The maximum of the amplitude of the first harmonic shifts often inward relative to the particle source location, which indicates clearly there is an inward particle pinch in this area. Good agreement has been found between the experimental results and the simulation using analytical transport model. The particle diffusivity D and the particle convection velocity V have been obtained by doing this simulation. The sensitivity in the transport coefficients of the amplitude and the phase of the density modulation has been discussed.


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