Investigation of magnetically self-insulated effect in an ion diode with an explosive emission potential electrode

Pushkarev, A. I.; Isakova, J. I.; Saltimakov, M. S.; Sazonov, R. V.
January 2010
Physics of Plasmas;Jan2010, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p013104
Academic Journal
The results of an experimental investigation of a magnetically self-insulated effect in an ion diode in bipolar-pulse mode are presented. The investigations were accomplished at the TEMP-4M accelerator by formation of a first negative pulse (100 ns, 150–200 kV) and a second positive pulse (80 ns, 200–300 kV) [G. E. Remnev et al., Surf. Coat. Technol. 114, 206 (1999)]. Plasma behavior in the anode-cathode gap was analyzed according to the current-voltage characteristics of the diode with a time resolution of 0.5 ns. It is shown that during the discrete emissive surface mode, the magnetic field influence on plasma dynamics is slight. During the space charge limitation mode, the current-voltage characteristics of the diode are well-described by the Child–Langmuir ratio. The drift speed of electrons in the diode exceeds 80 mm/ns and the effect of magnetic insulation is insignificant. It was discovered, when plasma formation at the potential electrode is complete and up until the second positive pulse that the plasma speed is constant and equals to 1.3±0.2 cm/μs. After the voltage polarity at the potential electrode changes (second pulse), plasma breakup at the anode-cathode gap takes place. The impedance of the diode begins to increase and, when the total current is more than 30 kA, the diode impedance exceeds the calculated values by more than three times. The energy efficiency and limiting characteristics of the magnetically self-insulated diode are determined.


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