A rolling locomotion method for untethered magnetic microrobots

Hou, Max T.; Hui-Mei Shen; Guan-Lin Jiang; Chiang-Ni Lu; I-Jen Hsu; Yeh, J. Andrew
January 2010
Applied Physics Letters;1/11/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 2, p024102
Academic Journal
It is a challenge to achieve free and efficient motion of microrobots on arbitrary surfaces. We report a rolling locomotion method for a magnetic microrobot with a rectangular body (300×200×50 μm3); this method is based on an external rotating magnetic field. The magnetic force, accompanied by normal and friction forces, enables the successive rotations of the microrobot. A magnetic field with a rotational speed of 2 rps rolls the microrobot, giving it a translation speed of 1.4 mm/s. With this locomotion ability, microrobots can move along a line or curve and can climb slopes or stairs.


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