Development of glucose sensor using two-photon adsorbed photopolymerization

Jong Kim; Jung-Jin Park; Haeng-Ja Lee; Woo-Sik Kim; Hiroshi Muramatsu; Sang-Mok Chang
January 2010
Bioprocess & Biosystems Engineering;Jan2010, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p47
Academic Journal
Abstract  A novel glucose sensor was constructed, and its analytical potential examined. A chip-type three-electrode system for use in a flow-type electrochemical glucose sensor was fabricated using a UV lithography technique on a glass slide. An Ag/AgCl reference electrode was made by electroplating silver onto a Pt electrode and dipping in a saturated KCl solution for 30 min. In addition, a glucose-sensing electrode was fabricated using a two-photon adsorbed photopolymerization technique with a photo-reactive resin containing a glucose oxidase enzyme, ferrocene mediator, non-ionic surfactant, and carbon nanotubes. The cyclic voltammetry of the potassium ferrocyanide in the Pt sensor system showed a stable electrode condition. The response of the modified Pt sensor confirms the feasibility of using a two-photon adsorbed photopolymerization technique for the easy fabrication of functional biosensors.


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