Percolation transition of thermoelectric properties in PbTe thin films

Rogacheva, E. I.; Krivulkin, I. M.; Nashchekina, O. N.; Sipatov, A. Yu.; Volobuev, V. A.; Dresselhaus, M. S.
May 2001
Applied Physics Letters;5/21/2001, Vol. 78 Issue 21, p3238
Academic Journal
Extrema were observed in the film thickness d dependence of various thermoelectric parameters (Seebeck coefficient S, electrical conductivity σ, Hall coefficient R[sub H], charge carrier mobility μ, and power factor P) of epitaxial PbTe/(001) KCl thin films prepared by thermal evaporation in vacuum and protected from oxidation by an EuS layer. We attribute the observed extrema in properties and the high values of μ and P at dapprox. 50 nm to the percolation transition from an island-like to a continuous film and to the self-organization of the islands, which can occur not only in quantum dot superlattices but also in an individual layer. © 2001 American Institute of Physics.


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