Electrical properties of Ta-doped SnO[sub 2] thin films prepared by the metal-organic chemical-vapor deposition method

Lee, Sang woo; Kim, Young-Woon; Chen, Haydn
January 2001
Applied Physics Letters;1/15/2001, Vol. 78 Issue 3, p350
Academic Journal
Undoped and Ta-doped SnO[sub 2] (Sn[sub 1-x]Ta[sub x]O[sub 2]) thin films were prepared on Corning 7059 glass substrates by the metal-organic chemical-vapor deposition method. The relative amount of Ta, C[sub Ta]=X[sub Ta]/(X[sub Ta]+X[sub Sn]), varied from 0 to 7.13 at. %. For the five compositions studied, the lowest resistivity at room temperature was 2.01x10[sup -4] Ω cm at C[sub Ta]=3.75% with charge carrier density and mobility of 1.27x10[sup 21] cm[sup -3] and 24.5 cm2/V s, respectively. In microstructural investigation, 3.75% Ta-doped film maintains a growth pattern of initial stage growth while 7.13% Ta-doped film has a high population of small grains at the interface, which results in large grains through competitive growth. The resistivity of the undoped film was 0.17 Ω cm with charge carrier density and mobility of 1.31x10[sup 18] cm[sup -3] and 28.1 cm2/V s obtained from Hall measurement. This study suggests that Ta is an excellent n-type dopant in SnO[sub 2]. © 2001 American Institute of Physics.


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