MnSe phase segregation during heteroepitaxy of Mn doped Ga2Se3 on Si(001)

Lovejoy, T. C.; Yitamben, E. N.; Heald, S. M.; Ohuchi, F. S.; Olmstead, M. A.
December 2009
Applied Physics Letters;12/14/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 24, p241907
Academic Journal
Heteroepitaxial thin films of Mn-doped Ga2Se3 are grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Si(001):As. Mn-doped films are laminar for the first 1–2 nm, after which oriented islands with flat tops are observed by scanning tunneling microscopy. In contrast with the bulk phase diagram, which predicts MnGa2Se4 precipitates, the precipitates are identified by bond length measurements from extended x-ray absorption fine structure as rocksalt MnSe. This difference is attributed to superior lattice matching of MnSe to the substrate, and an epitaxial relationship between the MnSe and Si substrate is inferred.


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