Nanoparticle plasma ejected directly from solid copper by localized microwaves

Jerby, E.; Golts, A.; Shamir, Y.; Wonde, S.; Mitchell, J. B. A.; LeGarrec, J. L.; Narayanan, T.; Sztucki, M.; Ashkenazi, D.; Barkay, Z.; Eliaz, N.
November 2009
Applied Physics Letters;11/9/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 19, p191501
Academic Journal
A plasma column ejected directly from solid copper by localized microwaves is studied. The effect stems from an induced hotspot that melts and emits ionized copper vapors as a confined fire column. Nanoparticles of ∼20–120 nm size were revealed in the ejected column by in situ small-angle x-ray scattering. Optical spectroscopy confirmed the dominance of copper particles in the plasma column originating directly from the copper substrate. Nano- and macroparticles of copper were verified also by ex situ scanning electron microscopy. The direct conversion of solid metals to nanoparticles is demonstrated and various applications are proposed.


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