Performance improvement in transparent organic thin-film transistors with indium tin oxide/fullerene source/drain contact

Yu-Chang Li; Yu-Ju Lin; Chia-Yu Wei; Zheng-Xian Lin; Ten-Chin Wen; Mei-Ying Chang; Cheng-Liang Tsai; Yeong-Her Wang
October 2009
Applied Physics Letters;10/19/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 16, p163303
Academic Journal
With the use of fullerene (C60)/indium tin oxide (ITO) source/drain electrode, the performance of a transparent thin-film transistor could be enhanced dramatically. The drain current can be increased by a factor of more than 5. The improvements are attributed to the reduction of the injection barrier at the ITO/pentacene interface, which can be confirmed by the work function measured at the ITO/C60 and the contact resistance obtained by transmission line method. Meanwhile, the average transmittance in the visible region with a 3.5 nm C60 buffer layer for 65-nm-thick pentacene organic thin film transistors remains at 62.98%.


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