Formation and coarsening of Ga droplets on focused-ion-beam irradiated GaAs surfaces

Wu, J. H.; Ye, W.; Cardozo, B. L.; Saltzman, D.; Sun, K.; Sun, H.; Mansfield, J. F.; Goldman, R. S.
October 2009
Applied Physics Letters;10/12/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 15, p153107
Academic Journal
We have investigated the formation and coarsening of Ga droplets on focused-ion-beam (FIB) irradiated GaAs surfaces. To separately examine formation and coarsening, Ga droplets were fabricated by Ga+ FIB irradiation of GaAs substrates with and without pre-patterned holes. We determined the droplet growth rate and size distribution as a function of FIB energy following irradiation. The data suggest a droplet formation mechanism that involves Ga precipitation from a Ga-rich layer, followed by droplet coarsening via a combination of diffusion and Ostwald ripening or coalescence via droplet migration (dynamic coalescence).


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