Comparison of the magnetic properties of GeMn thin films through Mn L-edge x-ray absorption

Ahlers, S.; Stone, P. R.; Sircar, N.; Arenholz, E.; Dubon, O. D.; Bougeard, D.
October 2009
Applied Physics Letters;10/12/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 15, p151911
Academic Journal
X-ray absorption spectroscopy of epitaxial GeMn thin films reveals an experimentally indistinguishable electronic configuration of Mn atoms incorporated in Ge1-xMnx nanoclusters and in precipitates of the intermetallic compound Mn5Ge3, respectively. However, the average magnetic response of thin films containing Ge1-xMnx nanoclusters is lower than the response of films containing Mn5Ge3 precipitates. This reduced magnetic response of Ge1-xMnx nanoclusters is explained in terms of a fraction of Mn atoms being magnetically inactive due to antiferromagnetic coupling or the presence of structural disorder. A determination of the role of magnetically inactive Mn atoms in the self-assembly of the thermodynamically metastable Ge1-xMnx nanoclusters seems to be an essential ingredient for an enhanced control of this promising high Curie temperature magnetic semiconductor.


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