Large reversible magnetocaloric effect caused by two successive magnetic transitions in ErGa compound

Chen, J.; Shen, B. G.; Dong, Q. Y.; Hu, F. X.; Sun, J. R.
September 2009
Applied Physics Letters;9/28/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 13, p132504
Academic Journal
Intermetallic compound ErGa exhibits two successive magnetic transitions: spin-reorientation transition at TSR=15 K and ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transition at TC=30 K. Both transitions contribute greatly to the magnetic entropy change (ΔSM), each yielding a significant peak on their ΔSM-T curve and thus a considerable value of refrigerant capacity (RC) without hysteresis loss. For a magnetic field change of 5 T, the maximal values of -ΔSM are 21.3 J/kg K at TC and 16.5 J/kg K at TSR, with an RC value of 494 J/kg. Large reversible magnetocaloric effect and RC indicate the potentiality of ErGa as a candidate magnetic refrigerant at low temperatures.


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