Interband transitions of InAsxSb1-x alloy films

Kim, T. J.; Yoon, J. J.; Hwang, S. Y.; Aspnes, D. E.; Kim, Y. D.; Kim, H. J.; Chang, Y. C.; Song, J. D.
September 2009
Applied Physics Letters;9/14/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 11, p111902
Academic Journal
We report pseudodielectric-function spectra from 1.5 to 6.0 eV of InAsxSb1-x ternary alloys obtained by spectroscopic ellipsometry. Energies of the E1, E1+Δ1, E0′, E0′+Δ0′, E2, E2+Δ2, E2′, E2′+Δ2, and E1′ critical points (CPs) were obtained from numerically calculated second derivatives, and identifications established by band-structure calculations using the linear augmented Slater-type orbital method. The E2, E2+Δ2, E2′, and E2′+Δ2 CP structures cross with increasing As-composition. Two saddle-point transitions, Δ5cu-Δ5vu and Δ5cl-Δ5vu, are found for InSb.


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