Broadband optical amplification in silicate glass ceramics containing Li2ZnSiO4:Cr4+ nanocrystals

Yixi Zhuang; Yu Teng; Jin Luo; Bin Zhu; Yingzhi Chi; Wu, E.; Heping Zeng; Jianrong Qiu
September 2009
Applied Physics Letters;9/14/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 11, p111913
Academic Journal
Transparent glass ceramics containing Li2ZnSiO4:Cr4+ nanocrystals are prepared and their optical properties are investigated. The glass ceramics show intense broadband infrared luminescence and long fluorescence lifetime of about 90 μs. The single-pass optical amplification is demonstrated on a traditional two-wave mixing configuration. The optical gain efficiency is about 1.27 cm-1 when the excitation power is 0.80 W. The optical gain shows the similar wavelength dependence with luminescence properties. The transparent glass ceramics containing Li2ZnSiO4:Cr4+ nanocrystals have potential application as broadband gain media in optical communication system.


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