Metal Exchanged ZSM-5 Zeolite Based Catalysts for Direct Decomposition of N2O

Kumar, Suresh; Rayalu, S.; Russo, Nunzio; Kanade, G. S.; Kusaba, H.; Teraoka, Y.; Labhsetwar, Nitin
September 2009
Catalysis Letters;Sep2009, Vol. 132 Issue 1/2, p248
Academic Journal
Co+Pt/ZSM-5 and Ag+Pt/ZSM-5 type catalysts were prepared by ion exchange method followed by calcination. These Co and Ag based catalysts, promoted by a small amount of Pt have been studied for their catalytic activity towards N2O decomposition. Both the catalysts show high catalytic activity, however, cobalt–platinum based catalyst shows relatively better activity at higher temperature. At 550 °C almost 100% conversion of N2O is achieved over Co+Pt/ZSM-5 with a maximum of 0.08479 mmole of N2O decomposed per gram of the catalyst per unit time. These catalytic materials have been characterized for their structure, composition, morphology and other details, using XRD, SEM, EDX, ICP, BET techniques. Much improved catalytic activity for the bimetallic zeolite than the mono-metal containing compositions clearly demonstrate the synergistic effect of these transition metals, while high surface area of ZSM-5 is also responsible for the improved N2O decomposition activity.


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