Hydrogen bonding and packing density are factors most strongly connected to limiting sites of high flexibility in the 16S rRNA in the 30S ribosome

January 2009
BMC Structural Biology;2009, Vol. 9, p49
Academic Journal
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  • Macrolide Resistance Based on the Erm-mediated rRNA Methylation. Maravic, G. // Current Drug Targets - Infectious Disorders;Sep2004, Vol. 4 Issue 3, p193 

    Macrolide, lincosamide and streptogramin B (MLSB) antibiotics are extensively used for the treatment of wide variety of clinically important Gram-positive bacteria. MLSB antibiotics inhibit protein biosynthesis by targeting the peptidyl transferase centre within the SOS ribosomal subunit. The...

  • Intra-Genomic Variation in the Ribosomal Repeats of Nematodes. Bik, Holly M.; Fournier, David; Sung, Way; Bergeron, R. Daniel; Thomas, W. Kelley // PLoS ONE;Oct2013, Vol. 8 Issue 10, p1 

    Ribosomal loci represent a major tool for investigating environmental diversity and community structure via high-throughput marker gene studies of eukaryotes (e.g. 18S rRNA). Since the estimation of species’ abundance is a major goal of environmental studies (by counting numbers of...

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    The novel multi-million read generating sequencing technologies are very promising for resolving the immense soil 16S rRNA gene bacterial diversity. Yet they have a limited maximum sequence length screening ability, restricting studies in screening DNA stretches of single 16S rRNA gene...

  • Structure/function analysis of yeast ribosomal protein L2. Meskauskas, Arturas; Russ, Johnathan R.; Dinman, Jonathan D. // Nucleic Acids Research;2008, Vol. 36 Issue 6, p1826 

    Ribosomal protein L2 is a core element of the large subunit that is highly conserved among all three kingdoms. L2 contacts almost every domain of the large subunit rRNA and participates in an intersubunit bridge with the small subunit rRNA. It contains a solvent-accessible globular domain that...

  • Identification of RNA-Recognizing Modules on the Surface of Ribosomal Proteins. Nevskaya, N. A.; Nikonov, O. S.; Revtovich, S. V.; Garber, M. B.; Nikonov, S. V. // Molecular Biology;Sep/Oct2004, Vol. 38 Issue 5, p789 

    Specific binding of ribosomal proteins to rRNA has been analyzed, and the method for determining the recognizing modules on the protein surface has been proposed. This method is based on the search for the atoms on the protein molecule that are involved in the conserved hydrogen bonds with rRNA...

  • Kinetic Analysis Demonstrates a Requirement for the Rat1 Exonuclease in Cotranscriptional Pre-rRNA Cleavage. Axt, Konstantin; French, Sarah L.; Beyer, Ann L.; Tollervey, David // PLoS ONE;Feb2014, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p1 

    During yeast ribosome synthesis, three early cleavages generate the 20S precursor to the 18S rRNA component of the 40S subunits. These cleavages can occur either on the nascent transcript (nascent transcript cleavage; NTC) or on the 35S pre-rRNA that has been fully transcribed and released from...

  • The DEAH-box Helicase Dhr1 Dissociates U3 from the Pre-rRNA to Promote Formation of the Central Pseudoknot. Sardana, Richa; Liu, Xin; Granneman, Sander; Zhu, Jieyi; Gill, Michael; Papoulas, Ophelia; Marcotte, Edward M.; Tollervey, David; Correll, Carl C.; Johnson, Arlen W. // PLoS Biology;Feb2015, Vol. 13 Issue 2, p1 

    In eukaryotes, the highly conserved U3 small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) base-pairs to multiple sites in the pre-ribosomal RNA (pre-rRNA) to promote early cleavage and folding events. Binding of the U3 box A region to the pre-rRNA is mutually exclusive with folding of the central pseudoknot (CPK), a...

  • Structural changes in the ribosome during the elongation cycle. Kiparisov, S. V.; Sergiev, P. V.; Bogdanov, A. A.; Dontsova, O. A. // Molecular Biology;Sep2006, Vol. 40 Issue 5, p675 

    Ample data on structural changes that arise in the ribosome during translation have been accumulated. The most interesting information on such changes has been obtained by cryoelectron microscopy of ribosome complexes with various ligands and by rRNA site-directed mutagenesis combined with a...

  • Ribosomal RNAs are tolerant toward genetic insertions: evolutionary origin of the expansion segments. Yokoyama, Takeshi; Suzuki, Tsutomu // Nucleic Acids Research;2008, Vol. 36 Issue 11, p3539 

    Ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs), assisted by ribosomal proteins, form the basic structure of the ribosome, and play critical roles in protein synthesis. Compared to prokaryotic ribosomes, eukaryotic ribosomes contain elongated rRNAs with several expansion segments and larger numbers of ribosomal...


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