Optical characterization of relaxation processes in nitrogen-doped ZnSe layers

Worschech, L.; Ossau, W.; Nu¨rnberger, J.; Faschinger, W.; Landwehr, G.
December 2000
Applied Physics Letters;12/25/2000, Vol. 77 Issue 26
Academic Journal
Linear polarization of the nitrogen acceptor bound exciton I[sub 1][sup N] luminescence, which reflects the anisotropic strain relief of the ZnSe lattice, is exploited to monitor two independent relaxation processes in nitrogen-doped ZnSe films. An inhomogeneous vertical strain profile is identified by a maximum in-plane polarization when 800 nm of the sample surface are removed. After exposure of nitrogen-doped ZnSe films to intense light, an isotropic strain relief is observed. The I[sub 1][sup N] peak position is shifted to lower energies, whereas the anisotropic polarization remains constant. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


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