Double-exchange ferromagnetism and magnetoresistance in LaMn[sub 1-x]Cu[sub x]O[sub 3] (x≤0.3)

Sun, Young; Young Sun; Xu, Xiaojun; Xiaojun Xu; Tong, Wei; Wei Tong; Zhang, Yuheng; Yuheng Zhang
October 2000
Applied Physics Letters;10/23/2000, Vol. 77 Issue 17
Academic Journal
We have studied the magnetic and magnetotransport properties of the perovskite LaMn[sub 1-x]Cu[sub x]O[sub 3] (x≤0.3). All of these compounds show ferromagnetism and cluster glass behavior at low temperatures. Though no metallic-insulating transition associated with the ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transition appears, a large magnetoresistance was observed in the ferromagnetic phase. Due to the fact that the Cu ion in these compounds is divalent, the ferromagnetism in LaMn[sub 1-x]Cu[sub x]O[sub 3] is believed to be consistent with the Mn[sup 3+]-O-Mn[sup 4+] double-exchange mechanism. These results suggest that double exchange and large magnetoresistance can be obtained by direct Mn-site doping. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


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