Thickness-dependent transport properties of Nd[sub 2/3]Sr[sub 1/3]MnO[sub 3] thin films

Barman, A.; Koren, G.
September 2000
Applied Physics Letters;9/11/2000, Vol. 77 Issue 11
Academic Journal
A systematic study is reported on the thickness dependence of the electrical resistivity in thin films of the giant magnetoresistance manganite Nd[sub 2/3]Sr[sub 1/3]MnO[sub 3]. We observed a first-order phase transition versus thickness in these films, which is seen as a jump of about 30 K in the metal-to-insulator transition temperature (T[sub p]) at film thickness of 50-60 nm. This phenomenon is attributed to a sudden release of strain in the film as its thickness increases. We also observed at low temperatures, 5-30 K, another transition from localized-to-metallic behavior versus film thickness, which is also related to the strain relief in the films. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


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