X-ray refractive planar lens with minimized absorption

Aristov, V.; Aristov, X.; Grigoriev, M.; Grigoriev, M; Kuznetsov, S.; Kutznetsov, S.; Shabelnikov, L.; Yunkin, V.; Weitkamp, T.; Rau, C.; Snigireva, I.; Snigirev, A.; Hoffmann, M.; Hoffman, M.; Voges, E.
December 2000
Applied Physics Letters;12/11/2000, Vol. 77 Issue 24
Academic Journal
Silicon refractive planar parabolic lenses with minimized absorption were fabricated by a combination of photolithography and dry-etching techniques. Focusing and spectral properties of the lenses were studied with synchrotron radiation in the energy range 8-25 keV at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. A focal spot of 1.8 μm with a gain of 18.5 and transmission of more then 80% was measured at 15.6 keV. The spectral characteristics were analyzed taking into account material dispersion and photon-energy attenuation in the hard x-ray range. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


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    At synchrotron radiation sources, parabolic refractive x-ray lenses allow one to built both full field and scanning microscopes in the hard x-ray range. The latter microscope can be operated in transmission, fluorescence, and diffraction mode, giving chemical, elemental, and structural contrast....


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