Magnetic pair-making double exchange coupling in Ru substituted orthomanganites, La[sub 0.7]A[sub 0.3]Mn[sub 0.9]Ru[sub 0.1]O[sub 3]

Sahu, Ranjan K.; Manoharan, S. Sundar
October 2000
Applied Physics Letters;10/9/2000, Vol. 77 Issue 15
Academic Journal
A detailed study of Ru substitution at the Mn site in La[sub 0.7]A[sub 0.3]Mn[sub 0.9]Ru[sub 0.1]O[sub 3] (A=Ca, Sr, Pb, Ba) polycrystalline samples shows an unusual magnetic pair between Ru[sup +4]/Ru[sup +5] and Mn[sup +4]/Mn[sup +3] redox couple. As a result, in the entire 10 at. % Ru-substituted compositions, the T[sub C] varies only by 10-30 K. The similarity of Mn[sup 4+]/Ru[sup 4+]:e[sub g] parentage facilitates a redox interaction between Mn and Ru ions, Ru[sup +4/+5]/Mn[sup +3/+4]. Ruthenium (IV) low spin state has a magnetic moment of 2.7-2.9μ[sub B], and with an extended 4d orbital, it enhances exchange coupling between Mn and Ru sites. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


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