Coherent magnetic reversal in half-metallic manganite tunnel junctions

Jo, Moon-Ho; Moon-Ho Jo; Mathur, N. D.; Mathur, N.D.; Evetts, J. E.; Evetts, J.E.; Blamire, M. G.; Blamire, M.G.
December 2000
Applied Physics Letters;12/4/2000, Vol. 77 Issue 23
Academic Journal
We report coherent magnetization reversal in the La[sub 0.7]Ca[sub 0.3]MnO[sub 3]/NdGaO[sub 3]/La[sub 0.7]Ca[sub 0.3]MnO[sub 3] tunnel junctions probed by spin-polarized tunneling. The junction resistance shows an extremely sharp switching with distinct binary resistances and its two-dimensional angular dependence reveals two different magnetic anisotropies in play in the top and bottom La[sub 0.7]Ca[sub 0.3]MnO[sub 3] electrodes. The large bottom electrode (50x2000 μm) shows the effective twofold crystalline anisotropy and the top electrode (6x6 μm) shows an additional fourfold anisotropy. The geometrical expression of the switching fields in two-dimensional polar coordinates provides evidence that the coherent magnetization reversal of the junctions, particularly the top electrode, closely resembles the ideal coherent rotation model. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


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