Photoelectric properties of organic polysilane containing carbazolyl side groups

Mimura, Shinya; Naito, Hiroyoshi; Dohmaru, Takaaki; Kanemitsu, Yoshihiko; Aramata, Mikio
October 2000
Applied Physics Letters;10/2/2000, Vol. 77 Issue 14
Academic Journal
The photoelectric properties of a series of N-carbazolyl-substituted silane copolymers have been studied by optical absorption, photoluminescence, and time-of-flight transient photocurrent measurements. It is found in N-carbazolyl-substituted silane copolymers that the optical absorption and the photoluminescence bands of the carbazolyl side groups, superimposed on those of the Si backbones, are observed in the blue to ultraviolet spectrum region. The hole drift mobilities of the copolymers are essentially the same as those of polymethylphenylsilane (PMePhSi) and are higher than those of poly(N-vinylcarbazole), and the photocarrier generation efficiencies of the copolymers are higher than those of PMePhSi. These results indicate that the photogenerated charge carriers on the carbazolyl side groups transfer to the Si backbones and then proceed through the Si backbones. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


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