Computing deep facet-defining disjunctive cuts for mixed-integer programming

Cadoux, Florent
April 2010
Mathematical Programming;Apr2010, Vol. 122 Issue 2, p197
Academic Journal
The problem of separation is to find an affine hyperplane, or �cut�, that lies between the origin O and a given closed convex set Q in a Euclidean space. We study cuts which are deep in a well-defined geometrical sense, and facet-defining. The cases when the deepest cut is decomposable as a combination of facet-defining cuts are characterized using the reverse polar set. When Q is a disjunctive polyhedron, a description of the reverse polar, linked to the so-called cut generating linear program of lift-and-project techniques, is given. A successive projections algorithm onto the reverse polar is proposed that computes the decomposition of the deepest cut into facet-defining cuts. Illustrative numerical experiments show how these cuts compare with the deepest cut, and with the most violated cut.


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