Optical anisotropy readout in solid-state porphyrins for the detection of volatile compounds

Bussetti, G.; Cirilli, S.; Violante, A.; Chiaradia, P.; Goletti, C.; Tortora, L.; Paolesse, R.; Martinelli, E.; D’Amico, A.; Di Natale, C.; Giancane, G.; Valli, L.
August 2009
Applied Physics Letters;8/31/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 9, p091906
Academic Journal
The controlled adsorption of molecules of volatile compounds on Langmuir–Schäfer films of tetraphenylporphyrins produces a modification of the film optical anisotropy, as revealed by reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS). These experiments allow a better understanding of the molecular package occurring in the film as well as of its alteration upon the interaction with volatile compounds, helping in the comprehension of the mechanisms responsible for the binding of molecules. The results recommend RAS as a potential transducer technique for chemical sensing.


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