Linear description of nonlinear electromagnetic cold plasma modes based on generalized vorticity

Verheest, Frank
August 2009
Physics of Plasmas;Aug2009, Vol. 16 Issue 8, p082104
Academic Journal
Based on a multispecies plasma description in terms of canonical vorticities, the search for exact harmonic wave profiles at arbitrary amplitudes, and the possible linear superposition of such nonlinear waves, has been discussed in terms of linearizing principles and their validity. Assuming first that the fluid velocities and wave canonical vorticities are parallel, with constant factors of proportionality, leads to incompressible plasmas that always remain charge neutral and to transverse, nondispersive waves with circular polarization. Contrary to claims in the literature, there are only as many wavenumber solutions as plasma species and these cannot serve as a basis for all solutions of the linearized equations describing the chosen plasma model. By simply dropping the nonlinear term in the species vorticity equations, dispersive waves obtain, for unidirectional propagation in incompressible plasmas. There being no wavenumber restrictions, these waves can serve as a full basis to express other solutions in. For pair plasmas the polarization is linear.


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