Martensitic transformation and magnetic field-induced strain in Fe–Mn–Ga shape memory alloy

Omori, T.; Watanabe, K.; Umetsu, R. Y.; Kainuma, R.; Ishida, K.
August 2009
Applied Physics Letters;8/24/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 8, p082508
Academic Journal
Martensitic and magnetic properties of Fe–Mn–Ga single and polycrystalline alloys were investigated. It was found that Fe–Mn–Ga alloys exhibit martensitic transformation from the paramagnetic L21 Heusler parent phase to the ferromagnetic L10 martensite phase. The martensitic transformation temperatures increased by about 20 K by the application of a magnetic field of 7 T, and a metamagnetic phase transition was observed. In addition, a magnetic field-induced strain of 0.6% associated with magnetic field-induced forward transformation was confirmed in an Fe43Mn28Ga29 single crystal.


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