Precursive stage of nanocrystallization in niobium oxide-containing glass

Takahashi, Yoshihiro; Masai, Hirokazu; Osada, Minoru; Fujiwara, Takumi
August 2009
Applied Physics Letters;8/17/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 7, p071909
Academic Journal
In situ observation of inelastic light scattering in Raman and Boson regions was performed in a niobiogermanate glass with a high nucleation ability during heating in order to examine its nanocrystallization dynamics. The relation of structural heterogeneity to the precursive stage of crystallization is also discussed. It is suggested that evolution of nuclei occurs in a nanometric niobate-rich region due to density fluctuation in the supercooled liquid phase prior to nanocrystallization.


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