Single molecule color controllable light emitting organic field effect transistors for white light emission with high color stability

Tung-Huei Ke; Gehlhaar, Robert; Chih-Hsin Chen; Lin, Jiann-T.; Chung-Chih Wu; Adachi, Chihaya
August 2009
Applied Physics Letters;8/10/2009, Vol. 95 Issue 6, p063303
Academic Journal
The authors report on color controllable white light emission from a unipolar organic light emitting transistor. We demonstrate light emission with two distinct peaks: a spectrally narrow blue emission from monomers and a yellow broadband emission created close to the interface of the organic film and SiO2. Due to the functionality of Mg/Au stacked electrodes, we are able to position the recombination zone via gate voltage control. Therefore, we are able to shift the spectral peak position and change the emission intensity independently by the drain voltage. The emission color is tunable from CIE coordinates (0.27, 0.28) to (0.40, 0.41).


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