Absolute integrated intensities of vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in the mid-infrared at atmospheric pressure

Johnson, Timothy J.; Sams, Robert L.; Burton, Sarah D.; Blake, Thomas A.
September 2009
Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry;Sep2009, Vol. 395 Issue 2, p377
Academic Journal
We report quantitative infrared spectra of vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with all spectra pressure-broadened to atmospheric pressure. The data were generated by injecting a concentrated solution (83%) of H2O2 into a gently heated disseminator and diluting it with pure N2 carrier gas. The water vapor lines were quantitatively subtracted from the resulting spectra to yield the spectrum of pure H2O2. The results for the ν6 band strength (including hot bands) compare favorably with the results of Klee et al. ( J Mol. Spectrosc. 195:154, ) as well as with the HITRAN values. The present results are 433 and 467 cm-2 atm−1 (±8 and ±3% as measured at 298 and 323 K, respectively, and reduced to 296 K) for the band strength, matching well the value reported by Klee et al. ( S = 467 cm−2 atm−1 at 296 K) for the integrated band. The ν1 + ν5 near-infrared band between 6,900 and 7,200 cm−1 has an integrated intensity S = 26.3 cm−2 atm−1, larger than previously reported values. Other infrared and near-infrared bands and their potential for atmospheric monitoring are discussed.


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