A hexapole magnetic guide for neutral atomic beams

Beardmore, J. P.; Palmer, A. J.; Kuiper, K. C.; Sang, R. T.
July 2009
Review of Scientific Instruments;Jul2009, Vol. 80 Issue 7, p073105
Academic Journal
In this paper we present a multiple element magnetic device to guide atoms using a spatially inhomogeneous magnetic field formed by a series of permanent hexapole magnets. The operation of the device is demonstrated using an enhanced beam of neon atoms in the 3P2 metastable state. These atoms are guided around a bend of 30° from their original path. A flux of 4.35×109±2×107 atoms s-1 was measured after the device yielding a transmission efficiency of approximately 9% of the input flux. Simulations of the center of mass motion of the atoms through the magnetic guide have been performed giving reasonable agreement with the experimental results.


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