Reply to 'Comment on 'Comments on the use of asymmetric monochromators for x-ray diffraction on a

Nave, Colin; McSweeney, Sean
October 1996
Review of Scientific Instruments;Oct96, Vol. 67 Issue 10, p3769
Academic Journal
Responds to the article, entitled `Comments on the use of asymmetric monochromators for x-ray diffraction on a synchrotron source,' published in the 1995 issue of the `Review of Scientific Instruments' journal. Corrected caption to a data which illustrates that the x-ray image formed by an asymmetrically cut silicon crystals.


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    In situ relative and absolute calibrations are described for two grazing incidence vacuum monochromators used in our ongoing x-ray laser experiments. The soft x-ray sources used in the calibrations are small plasmas produced by a specially constructed portable vacuum spark generator and by...

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    YB[sub 66], a complex binary semiconducting compound with a cubic crystal structure and a lattice parameter of 23.44 Ã…, is potentially a very good candidate for monochromatization of soft x-ray synchrotron radiation. The features such as: a large interatomic spacing, lack of absorption edges...

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