Warm electromagnetic lower hybrid wave dispersion relation

Verdon, A. L.; Cairns, Iver H.; Melrose, D. B.; Robinson, P. A.
May 2009
Physics of Plasmas;May2009, Vol. 16 Issue 5, p052105
Academic Journal
Lower hybrid (LH) waves can interact resonantly with both electrons and ions transferring energy between the species. For this reason the properties of LH waves are of interest. Most treatments of LH waves include either electromagnetic (EM) or warm plasma effects but not both. Here a new analytic dispersion relation for LH waves, including both EM and warm plasma effects, is derived and shown to be more consistent than the previous analytic dispersion relations with numerical results. These comparisons show a very good agreement of the real part of the frequency and reasonable agreement of the imaginary part for a wide range of parameters. It is found that ion magnetization effects, which have been neglected in all previous analytic treatments of LH waves, are surprisingly important. When ion magnetization effects become important the continuous LH mode breaks up into a series of segments of ion Bernstein modes.


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