Griffiths phase and charge ordering in electron-doped La0.9Ce0.1MnO3 films

Eom, T. W.; Hyun, Y. H.; Park, J. S.; Lee, Y. P.; Prokhorov, V. G.; Flis, V. S.; Svetchnikov, V. L.
April 2009
Applied Physics Letters;4/13/2009, Vol. 94 Issue 15, p152502
Academic Journal
Microstructural, magnetic, and transport properties of as-deposited La0.9Ce0.1MnO3 films prepared by pulse laser deposition have been investigated. The high-resolution electron-microscopy study reveals that films have a high c-oriented texture with a negligible quantity of CeO2 inclusions. The observed Griffiths-type magnetic behavior above the Curie point and the partial transition of the film into the antiferromagnetic state with decreasing temperature are attributed to the microstructural peculiarities.


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