Ionic size effect deformation on MnO6 octahedrons in colossal magnetoresistance strain film

Wu, C. P.; Chou, H.; Yuan, F. P.
April 2009
Applied Physics Letters;4/6/2009, Vol. 94 Issue 14, p142501
Academic Journal
Strain effect on La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 and La0.8Ba0.2MnO3 films is investigated by x-ray diffraction and x-ray absorption spectrums. Findings show that due to the different ionic sizes of doped Ca or Ba ions, the strain effect acts differently in the way it deforms. The interfacial strain effect produces opposite influences on the lattice symmetry, the average Mn–O bond lengths, the average oxygen disorders, the coupling symmetries inside and in the vicinity of the MnO6 octahedrons, as well as producing an opposing trend in metal-insulator and magnetic transition temperatures of the strained La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 and La0.8Ba0.2MnO3 films.


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