Flexible low voltage nonvolatile memory transistors with pentacene channel and ferroelectric polymer

Lee, Kwang H.; Gyubaek Lee; Kimoon Lee; Min Suk Oh; Seongil Im
March 2009
Applied Physics Letters;3/2/2009, Vol. 94 Issue 9, pN.PAG
Academic Journal
We report on the fabrication of pentacene-based nonvolatile memory thin-film transistors (NVM-TFTs) with thin poly(vinylidene fluoride/trifluoroethylene) ferroelectric gate insulators. Our NVM-TFT adopts flexible polyethersulfone substrate and operates under the low voltage write-erase (WR-ER) pulses of ±13∼±20 V with field effect mobilities of 0.1–0.18 cm2/V s, depending on the ferroelectric polymer thickness. Our NVM-TFT displays good memory window (ΔV) of 2.5–8 V and also exhibits WR-ER current ratio of 20–40. The retention properties persist over ∼10 000 s and the dynamic response for WR-ER pulses demonstrates clear distinction of WR-ER states under the short switching pulse of 50 ms.


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